27th October 2017

Soft Washing

soft washing torbay

Are you interested in finding out more about SAS’s popular soft washing service in Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and South Devon?

Sometimes pressure washing is too harsh for cleaning an exterior surface, even in the hands of a professional cleaning team. In such cases we will usually recommend our state of the art soft washing system.

What is soft washing?

Unlike pressure washing, which relies upon a powerful jet of water to clean exterior surfaces, soft washing is physically gentler. This makes it ideal for roofs and for some types of patio, decking and driveway (e.g. block-work, bricks and tarmac). A soft wash is also recommended for some types of render such as K Rend.

Rather than using mainly brute force to blast away dirt and debris, soft washing relies on a bespoke blend of HSE approved, environmentally friendly chemicals. Every cleaning job requires a unique approach so the cleaning agents are mixed on site.

Ideal for removing algae, moss and other types of organic matter

Soft washing is usually the best option for removing moss and algae from roofs where pressure washers can cause damage to the roof’s structure. The tailored chemical mix can deal with red, green, black and yellow algae as well as various types of moss and plant matter. 

For ultimate results, we will often apply a biocide which will continue to keep mould and algae growth back for up to 12 months. A light annual soft washing treatment is then usually enough to keep your exteriors clean and mould free permanently.

Contact SAS for all your domestic or commercial exterior cleaning needs

SAS are happy to work on exterior cleaning projects on any size, keeping homes and businesses looking and feeling clean, fresh and hygienic.

All employees are carefully vetted for dedication and reliability so you can be sure that you will get the full professional SAS treatment at all times.

We cover the entire South Devon area and have many satisfied customers in Torbay, Teignbridge and beyond.

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