27th October 2017

Soft Washing

What is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is a safe and effective way to clean all sorts of exterior surfaces including roof cleaning,k-rend,render,block pave driveways,decking,Tarmac,wet pour play areas,fences,black,red,green and yellow algae and in fact it pretty much cleans everything exterior you can think of.

Soft Washing is different to power washing in the way that we use specifically designed chemical resistant pumps and environmentally friendly Soft Washing solutions we buy in and can mix on site depending on the surface we are applying it to because no two jobs are the same therefore mixing on site is essential.


A cost effective way to clean and restore exterior surfaces to there former glory.. it continues to clean for a few months and the biological Cleaning effect will be at its best once Mother Nature does her thing. But once restored a light annual softwash treatment keeps your exterior surfaces looking like new.

Soft Washing works in the way of chemical reaction that takes place and kills organic growth i.e black, green, red and yellow algae moss etc… on the surfaces in a way that pressure washing cannot achieve. It’s a thorough and very versatile form of exterior cleaning it lets us put a soft wash solution to large surfaces in a short amount or time.

The visible effects of the soft washing are instant however after the Soft Wash treatment the use of a bioside is often applied for long lasting Cleaning effect and the bioside continues to clean for up to 12 months after original clean. At SAS Window Cleaning, we only use HSE approved materials.

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